Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Inherent Boy Stuff

Until about two weeks ago, Noah could not have cared less about cars - other than to take rides in ours and go somewhere. He was all about throwing around balls. We had a couple of different sized cars in his room, and a couple of matchbook cars. He finally started playing with them. It's interesting to see that inherent boy programming kick in.

He also loves to point out school buses and big trucks when we're driving. I tried to find him a little school bus at wally world yesterday, but no luck. I got him a couple of little construction type trucks instead.

Now if he'd just stop throwing all the cars and balls down the stairs.

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Sarah said...

School bus matchbox cars are hard to find, for some dumb reason. My mom finally found one for C, I think at her Walmart. But they didn't have it at mine.