Wednesday, May 16, 2012


If you've been following along on fb, you know of Noah's complete sleep bullshit - hence, this post.

I am so tired of being tired, sleep deprived, brain dead, overly emotional.

I am tired of all of Noah's books, and the way he just flips through the pages instead of letting us read it.

I am tired of the "ah ah ah" sounds he makes instead of saying words.

I am tired of feeling like an asshole for yelling at him because I'm too tired to deal with anything.

I am tired of not having anyone to reach out to when my brain goes black and I feel like I can't take another minute.

I am tired of not having anything left at anytime to do more for Nerdstar.

I am tired of telling the damn dog to "move" all day every day.

I am tired of feeling like I suck at the one thing I really wanted to be good at.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how frustrating it is not to be able to fix this. I know that being tired makes it so much worse. We've had some very bad times and not getting to sleep had an impact on everything. Even my typical coping mechanisms failed. I'm sure you've heard every suggestion in the book at this point but I'm going to make one more. Consider a therapist - just for you - and take an hour every other week to vent. There's nothing wrong with you or your parenting. Any extra tools you can get might help. I think of you all frequently and I'm hoping Noah can round the corner here quickly.

Sarah said...

You can ALWAYS reach out to me if you're having a bad day...there's a pretty good chance we're having a lousy day too and could commiserate!