Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vacation #6

Before it all fades from memory. Last weekend we traveled to Atlantic City for a 3 day weekend. It's about a 4 hour drive and Noah was great going and coming home. He slept maybe an hour of each drive and just sorta chilled the rest of the time.

We were hoping he'd enjoy some beach time. That didn't really happen. Dude does not like to walk in the sand. And the last two days the weather wasn't so great for beach going anyway.

What he did really enjoy was sitting on the benches along the boardwalk and people and bird watching. One of his current favorite things to do is climb up on a bench and sit there and climb down. (whatever works for him.) At home he loves to point up to and watch every plane that flies over head - which is a lot because we're in the flight path for Dulles. On the boardwalk, the birds were even cooler than airplanes.

He loved running from one bench to another. He also would see older men sitting on a bench and would go over, climb up on the bench, and "talk" to them. Thankfully they were nice enough to talk with him.

Maybe even better than the boardwalk though - all the decor of the casinos. Our boy is already kinda obsessed with lights and big, gaudy light fixtures in public spaces. Add in all the flash and color and over-the-top aspect of casinos and he was in heaven. Then, there was the wild carpets and design in the tile floors. Heaven for him.

And he certainly didn't sleep any worse in the hotel room/crib.

It was rainy our last morning and we thought it'd be fun to take him to the local aquarium. Nope. It was even more scary than the zoo. All those big fish - and oh my a snake. He had his head buried in Nerdstar's shoulder. The funny part is, there were three 3rd grade classes that showed up shortly after we did. A nice young man gave a talk to one of the classes in front of the big fish tank - and Noah sat on a bench with Nerdstar and listened to all ten minutes of it.

This was our 6th road trip/vacation with him. And while we certainly are mindful of his likes and limits, so far he's a great travel companion.

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