Saturday, June 9, 2012

In The World, Not Of It

On FB today, I brought up that I really don't understand why, as a society, we seem to have decided that it's less harmful for kids to be exposed to violence instead of nudity/sex. This brought up some other issues, like girls and self esteem and body image issues, and the influence of the broader world on our kids.

Something Nerdstar and I have talked about a few times is this idea of raising a child to be "in the world and not of it". I know this is a Christian idea, (I am after all a Christian) but I think it applies to any conscientious parent. How do you raise a kid self-confident enough, smart enough, independent enough and so on to not be so influenced by not only stupid commercials and various propaganda at school, but also friends and family and anyone else? I can't think of anything harder - or more important.

We all know of families like the Duggars who have chosen to pretty much isolate their kids to a large extent from the broader world. And trust me, I am often tempted to try the same approach. Move to the middle of no where, home school, have little access to popular culture.

But, I also think that can be the easy way out.

Trust me, I have no idea how this all works in the long run. I don't even know that I know how to not be the one that's a bad influence on Noah. But my biggest goal in life is to raise a strong, good man. It's our responsibility to monitor what he watches, where he goes, who he hangs out with. It's our responsibility to instill our values and priorities in him. And to make sure he knows that there are other views, and the big, dreaded "evil" in the world, and how to navigate his way through it all.

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