Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Speech and Allergies

Noah had his second visit from the speech therapist yesterday. She's really nice. She's been concerned about his mouth breathing, adenoids, and ears, so we scheduled an appointment with an ENT for this morning. Other than that, she's had some practical suggestions on getting him to say words. His babbling has really increased in the last couple of weeks.

Three days ago his allergies went totally haywire. He was an absolute snot fountain. Seriously. We're trying Zyrtec, Benedryl, a little Mucinex for a cough sometimes, and even a little bit of saline rinse for his nose. These things make a dent, but don't really do enough. I think his sinuses have been congested for almost the entire last year. We got him an appointment with his pediatrician yesterday who also added a Singulair powder to the list. Unfortunately, he threw up the Singulair dose. We'll try again today and hope it stays down. Oh, and some eye drops.

It took us a long time to find the right doc to finally get his skin all cleared up. Hopefully today, we found the right ENT to clear up all this allergy stuff. It's a lot of stuff to give him for the next 30 days - the Zyrtec once a day, the Singulair once a day, a saline rinse twice a day, Nasonex once a day, eye drops once a day, and if still needed, benedryl at night. (The different meds all work different ways, and are in small doses appropriate for his size and age.) But, if we can get all this congestion cleared out, help alleviate his mouth breathing, and heal his adenoids - then we can avoid having to have his adenoids removed. Ugh. Apparently, long-term adenoid problems and mouth breathing can affect the shape of his face and his tooth growth. Weird.

We're far from this being a serious problem. I think if we do all of this aggressively for a month and get it cleared up, he can then be on just one daily allergy med.

As for talking. Like everything else he does - I'm pretty sure this is just on his time frame.

Oh, and he was so good at the doctors. He didn't like being messed with, but he just sat in my lap and had little tears down his face while they listened to his heart and chest and checked his ears and nose. I felt so bad because he was being so good and so sad. Thankfully, he recovers quickly from it.

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meridith said...

I'm glad the doc gave you an allergy plan. Here's hoping it works really well!