Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Speech Update

Noah had another visit from the speech therapist this morning. After her recommendation that we see an ENT - and being right about that - and some of her observations today, I'm impressed with her knowledge. I'll come back to that in a minute.

Saturday, we took Noah to get an x-ray of his neck so the ENT can check and see if his adenoids cause too much obstruction. There's a new medical facility that opened up a few months ago and we could take Noah any time for the x-ray. I figured a new place on a Saturday morning wouldn't be crowded. There was almost no one else there at all. Nice. I was a little worried about him having to be still long enough to take an x-ray, but having seen his quiet resignation and tears at a couple of doctor visits, I wasn't too worried. He did amazingly well, I'd say not only for a kid his age, but for any age. It took two tries, and the second one seems good. (We'll find out when we have the follow up appointment on July 5th.)

Noah is definitely talking to us more, and strangers. There seems to be "phrases" he repeats and he sometimes sounds German. I was glad he talked a lot to the therapist this morning so she could hear him. She said he's doing "S" sounds which usually come much later along with sounds more from the back of the throat, and while he does make the normal up front consonant sounds, they're not as common. I'm sure this has to do with his mouth breathing issues. We're still doing allergy meds and he's getting better, but there's a congestion/cough we just can't get to go away 100%.

He had his breakfast of oatmeal and blueberries while she was here and she noticed that he only chews on the right side of his mouth. That's not really a good thing. I also mentioned he's also very right handed and she said most kids don't show a hand dominance for another year or so. So apparently there are exercises we need to do with him to get him to chew on the left side of his mouth more.

One thing that fascinates me about all of this is that if he were talking, we'd never have noticed any of this. (Of course, maybe if he was talking he wouldn't have any of these issues.) They just seem small - not something we would have noticed, much less would have thought needed attention or correction. Would they have "self corrected" if we'd never pursued speech therapy and waited it out, I don't know.

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meridith said...

hurrah for Noah! For what it's worth, RR is clearly right-handed. No doubt about her preference!