Monday, July 30, 2012

2 Whole Years

We made it! I feel like this is a bigger achievement for Nerdstar and I than for Noah.

I can't believe this time last year he wasn't walking, or dancing. He didn't have a preference for music or when to play it and in what order. His diet hasn't really changed. He's added in some crunchy/salty stuff, but he's still a fruit and dairy dude. Actually, he insists on eating the crunchy nature valley granola bars every day.

His speech is slowly improving. There's still a lot of "more" and "this" and "outside" and "up". Yesterday he said "have this" which is his first two word phrase, which is a good sign. He talks our ears off sometimes and we wish so much we knew what he was telling us. But he's also quiet a lot of the time. I've gotten him to where he'll play outside or in his room by himself for about fifteen or twenty minutes at a time. Some days that saves his life and my sanity.

More than anything, he's a sweet, calm, good-natured kid who I know is eventually going to rub off on me and make me a better person.

This weekend for his birthday, we headed back down to Charlottesville to get his pictures taken again. We've become hotel snobs, so we did it right and stayed at the Omni in the old downtown area and it was great. Our boy loves hotels! He loves all the drawers and the big bed! He was so tired that night that it was hard to get him to go to sleep in the crib. So, we put him up on our bed and he fell asleep in a few minutes. We put him in the crib, but then he woke up. He ended up sleeping in the big bed with us for the first time. Of course, he slept mostly perpendicular to us and Nerdstar got the feet end of him!

Noah's totally into buses these days and we saw that there was a free bus that makes a circle around downtown and the university area. He was a little hesitant to get on board because up close it's big and loud. But he was SO happy to ride around on it.

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast and then headed to the pool. He loves bath time, but he does not like pools! He did ok with Nerdstar holding him and walking around with him in the water. I joked that he's so skinny he'd just sink right to the bottom and not float like we do. About fifteen minutes later he and I are on the steps and he takes a step in the wrong direction and ends up face down in the water - and sinks like a rock. I was right there and got him out in two seconds and he was fine and not very scared. It was kinda funny - in a scary way for us.

It was a quick trip and the driving times interfered with his nap times. Thankfully he's the kind of kid who gets klutzy instead of fussy when he's tired.

We went to Diary Queen to get him just a little ice cream cake (I didn't know there's are all ice cream with frosting, no cake - which is fine) so we could put a couple of candles in it and take his picture and let him eat some ice cream. Poor baby was just too tired. (Nerdstar will post a pic or two later.)

I still wish you could all just come hang out with him for a day or two. He's goofy and happy and a good kid. When people comment on how cute he is, I always tell them that even better, he's a good kid.

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hurrah for 2!!!!!