Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bust A Move!

Our boy might have come to dancing later than most, but now he really likes to bust a move!

Over the hot weekend, we were at a local mall where he insists on running around instead of playing in the play area. We passed by A&F and he ran in there and started dancing to the music! This young guy working there folding shirts just laughed. Some young girls walking by noticed and laughed and said how cute he is.

At home, he'll insist on us turning on the music. We've long had an iPod in his room with two playlists. One is music to sleep to - solo piano stuff, old light jazz, stuff like that. The other playlists is his three kids cds and a couple of other tunes.

The other day he decided that the kids tunes were mostly too slow to dance to.

Last night I made him a new dance playlist. It has stuff like Blame It On The Boogie, You Should Be Dancin', Dancin' With Myself, a lot of KC & The Sunshine Band. This seems to have made him happy.

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