Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ENT Update

We finally had our follow up appointment with the ENT yesterday. He had a very basic hearing test as well. His hearing is fine, his ears just have a lot of pressure which might muffle things a little bit, but not enough to be affecting his speech or anything. The x-rays show that his adenoids are moderately enlarged, but everything else is fine. So, August 13th we'll take him to get his adenoids removed. The doc said it's about a 5 minute procedure where he goes through the back of the mouth up into the nasal area. The only scary part is he has to be under anesthesia.

He also had his speech therapy this morning. He's trying so hard to be understood. And he talks to us a lot. She thinks once his adenoids and ear pressure are better, he'll be more confident in the sounds he's making and will make big strides in talking.

We're optimistic and trying not to worry.


meridith said...

I remember how scary it was to have to have RR put under when she had her ear tubes put in. I'll be thinking of you all come August!

Michelle said...

Both of our girls have been put under (2 MRIs for our first to make sure her spinal cord wasn't tethered and, so far, 2 balloon valvuloplasties to open up the aortic valve on our baby) it's tough, but they bounce back quickly. It was hard to watch them put our oldest under when she was about 18 months old though, so if you are asked to go back with them, be prepared for that. We held her hands while they held her down and applied the gas, but she was crying and upset so it was really hard.

beth said...

Thanks, both of you. He's such a trooper at doctor's visits, and the time he was in the ER for his peanut allergy. It'll be nerve wracking, but we think its the right thing to do.