Monday, August 13, 2012

Processing A Long Day

Most importantly, Noah is still fine. We all got a decent nap in. Hopefully he'll get in bed a little earlier tonight.

So, last night we got to bed around midnight. Noah fell asleep about 10:30 (close to his normal these days) and I knew I'd have a hard time falling asleep, so I went ahead and watched Breaking Bad. (Nerdstar is not a fan.)

Our alarms went off at 5 this morning, we woke Noah up about 5:20 and were all out the door at 5:40. The procedure was at a nice little outpatient surgery place in the same building my old phlebotomy job was in. Noah woke up in a decent mood and was happy and fine. I'm sure that changed once they got him back to the procedure room and tried to put an IV in him. Apparently it took 3 tries. I am sure he was hard to do because he's so strong and hard to hold still.

We were just settling in to wait, it was only supposed to take maybe 20 minutes total. Then the ENT comes out and tells us they were unable to intubate Noah and that Noah was waking up just fine and we'd see him in a few minutes.

Back in the room with Noah, the ENT gave us a prescription to get a CT scan of Noah's trachea and upper chest. He recommended this place in the next county over. After four phone, calls I finally get the right lady on the phone and she explains the prescription needs to be re-written and faxed to her before we can make the appointment. So, we had to call the ENT office knowing he wouldn't be able to get to it because he's doing surgeries today. They finally called at 6 pm and said they'd fax it first thing in the morning.

So. It was a very long day. I won't go into the worry I had all last week and the dark thoughts. I know every parent goes through them. But I was (and Nerdstar as much) really looking forward to being done with this problem and him starting to heal and start the process of breathing more normally. We know that even when this problem is solved, we then have to move on to more aggressively address his allergy problems.

Now, instead of being on that path, we have a whole new problem that has to be solved.

We're always aware and talk about how lucky we are that Noah doesn't have the type of problems Linus or any other number of children have. But we never expected his chronic maladies - the eczema year one, the allergies/adenoid stuff this past year, and now whatever else is coming up.

Today just didn't bring the feeling of relief we were hoping for.

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