Monday, September 10, 2012

Amusement Park

Yesterday, Nerdstar's company rented out King's Dominion and so we got to go for free and even got a free lunch! Fun!

Noah woke up a little early again yesterday, 7ish, so we went ahead and got out the door and got to the park around 11. It's an hour drive. We're so glad the weather changed overnight and we had clear skies, no humidity, and a cool breeze.

When you first come into the park there's a big water fountain - he loved watching it. Then after walking a little ways, there was one of the big roller coasters - he sat and watched it for at least 15 minutes and would have stayed all day if we'd let him.

There were two car rides for kids his size and he actually rode both of them! He's an independent kid, but not a brave one, so we weren't sure if he'd get on a ride.

It's kind of alarming that by the time he can ride roller coasters with me, I'll be 50 or older! Ugh!

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