Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's Done!

Noah's surgery went really well this morning.

We got up at 4:30, out the door a little after 5. No traffic and a stop for snacks got us to the hospital right around 6. There was a nice, big waiting area and Noah ran laps for about thirty minutes before we were taken back to the children's surgery area. Then there was a nice play room to hang out in. He absolutely did not want to change into the hospital pajamas and so he went through the whole time without the shirt.

They had a nice young woman who helps the kid get ready and is sort of a go-to person for the family. She brought out a mask they use for the gas to get him acclimated to it, but he was fine with it.

We then went back to a little pre-surgery room and talked with the anesthesiologist and doctor before the procedure. He was getting a little restless and loves to run around any area he's in, so the helper lady brought him a big wheel to ride on and he got to ride it to the surgery room! Nerdstar said she wants all of her future procedures done at a children's hospital!

We thought it would take about 30 minutes, but it took probably 45 and an hour after it started the doc came out and said everything went just fine. I was starting to get a little worried they'd found something doing the scope down his throat. His trachea (or something in that area) is smaller than normal and a little calcified, but the doc said he should outgrow it. And his adenoids are now gone.

They thought it'd take a couple of hours in recovery, but it only took him about 45 minutes. He layed on Nerdstar until he woke up well and then had some orange sherbert and apple juice and was good to go.

Thankfully, he took a four hour nap this afternoon and we got a chance to nap as well! The only affect would be a sore throat or maybe a little fever. We have him some children's tylenol and he's been fine. They're out in the backyard blowing bubbles and we'll see how late he keeps us up tonight!

The doc said in a couple of weeks he should start to mouth breath less and his muscles and such will correct themselves.

I was a little surprised at the amount of pure relief I felt as we were leaving the hospital.

And we're so grateful for the staff at the children's hospital - it's a tough job and they do it really well!!

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