Monday, September 3, 2012

Noah's First Pee in the Potty

Let me first say we are not yet potty training Noah.

After his bath, we let him drain the water, say "bye-bye" to it and then get him out of the tub. A couple of weeks, he started peeing in the tub sometimes. Fun. So, this weekend we went and got a potty chair for him.

Saturday night, after his bath, we finally got him to sit on the chair. Cool. Last night we had him sit on the chair before his bath - hoping to avoid pee in the bath altogether, nothing. Then after his bath, nothing. But he seemed to have fun sitting there for a minute.

Tonight, we once again put him on the chair before his bath - and he peed!! Now, we're not sure just how aware he is about this. But he does love when we clap and cheer for him.

I know kids have to be much more aware of the sensation of wetness in diapers and the urge to pee than Noah currently is. This just seemed a logical thing to do to even begin to give him the vocabulary and motions.

We'll see where it leads!

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