Saturday, September 22, 2012

Noah's Speech Update

Hmmm. where to start?  The list of words he can say is increasing slowly but steadily.  But that's about it. 

Back in May he was still seeing the speech therapist from the county.  She was ok, but it ended up she helped us see the physical problems - the mouth breathing, the eating on one side of the mouth - and led us to seeing the ENT and getting his adenoids removed.  Because of the problems with the first try at removing his adenoids, it seems like it's been a lot longer process that we first anticipated.  Hopefully we're all done.  He has another follow up with the ENT next week. 

In the meantime, back when we started the program with the county, which ended up costing us $120 a session, we were told that he would be eligible for a program through our school district that would be free.  (When we started with the county we didn't know if insurance would cover any of it, and were at least six weeks into it when we found out they wouldn't and what we'd have to pay - thankfully we didn't pile on sessions to start with.) 

It worked out that about the time we were ready to resume therapy after his surgery, the school year was starting and he got a new therapist.

I really like the new therapist - he seems to as well.  Nerdstar hasn't met her yet.  She's done two sessions with him, getting to know him and how he does and doesn't do things.  It's funny to me to see him be as stubborn with her as he is with me!  She's setting up a routine of four activities each time and helping us with some ideas.  We took pictures of almost all the things he likes to eat to sort of make him a menu.  And we took pics of some of his toys and things around the house.  The idea is using pictures to bridge to words. 

So, it's slow going.  As he gets older and it feels like he's not keeping pace with his physical growth, I get a little sad.  I know him so well, but because he can't really talk to us yet, there's so much we don't know about what he's thinking and feeling. 

We know he's still young.  And he's a boy.  And one day he'll talk our ears off.  We just wish the progress was a little faster. 

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