Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not The Best 24 Hours

This time yesterday we had no idea what was coming. (Nothing horrible, just not fun.)

Last night, after his nightly bath, Noah started breathing a little weird, labored. We thought at first he was congested or had nasal drainage or something like that. Gave him his allergy meds and waited. Those didn't help. Then he would cry a lot, which he only does when something is really wrong. Our next guess was that maybe he'd eaten too much cheese and dairy and was having tummy troubles. We gave him some gas meds and he had a couple of decent burps, and we waited for things to get better.

And waited. Around 11 p.m. he finally went to sleep and we thought we were in the clear. He woke up crying again maybe an hour later. Ugh. We were up until about 2:30. Again, we hoped he'd sleep until 8 or 9 and wake up his normal self.

Nope. He woke up about 5, crying.

We had debated taking him to the ER in the middle of the night, but things weren't that bad. We decided we'd take him to our family doc in the morning. We just didn't know if it was a tummy problem or a breathing problem. We kinda figured with the breathing issue she'd have us go to the ER anyway. The ENT office didn't open until 9, and we just didn't want to wait that much long.

I thought it'd be a quick trip to the ER. Nope.

We were at the ER from 8:30 this morning until 2:30 in the afternoon. They did belly, chest and neck x-rays - thankfully all were clear. They gave him an IV steroid for the swelling and a breathing treatment. Shortly after those things he was back to his old self and ready to walk around the ER and see what was what.

The ER had been in touch with his ENT, and that was good. So we went from the ER to the ENT office for a follow up.

Hard to say what exactly started the problem. He's fine for now. Just a really long day.

Next time we know to pack snacks - for us - before heading to the ER!

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