Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Singing Along

For well over a year now, Adele's album has been Noah's favorite music.  When he was still tiny, he'd stop and just stare into space and listen to her sing.  He likes his kids music cds well enough, and will pick out a word from a couple of them to repeat or let us know to play that song.  But he doesn't sing along.

The other day in the car, Remember Me came on, and when she got to the long, drawn out "me", from the back seat I heard a long, drawn out "beeeeeee" from Noah.  It was so cute.  He still uses B for M.  (Which means I get called "bay bee" instead of "mommy".)  He's sang along with that part of Adele a few more times and it cracks me up. 

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