Sunday, November 25, 2012

Long Week

It really has been a long week.

Last weekend, Noah was congested, but not really sick,  no fever or anything.  Then, Sunday night, he started breathing harder and faster.  We weren't sure what to do because there weren't any other symptoms.  He fell asleep and we decided that if he slept through the night but was still breathing weird in the morning, I'd take him to the doc.  But he woke up about 11:30 p.m. so we took him to the ER.  Poor boy, this is his third ER trip in a year.

There's a fairly new medical center close by, so we went there and it was basically empty, so we had fast, good care.  They did a RSV and flu test, both negative, and a chest x-ray, also negative.  That was good.  They did three nebulizer treatments and his breathing was better and his oxygenation was good, so we got to come home.  They sent us home with an inhailer and a prescription for a nebulizer, both for use as-needed.

He doesn't have any signs of asthma, which is good.  The combination of his prior eczema and his peanut allergy put him at risk.  My best guess is those sorts of things are part of a slightly weaker immune system, and for whatever reason, his trouble seems to come in the form of breathing.

So, that meant we got about five hours of sleep Sunday night.  Ugh.

Nerdstar's aunt and uncle and cousin live up in New Jersey and invited us up for Thanksgiving.  (Her uncle is actually out of town though.)  Her other uncle and aunt live in China these days, and those three cousins are scattered.  After the loss of her grandparents and father, she still wants to connect with family and they all love to know what's going on with Noah.  They're polite enough to me, but...  well, it is what it is.


We got up Wednesday and hit the road.  It's just about a four hour drive without traffic, so we had no idea how traffic would be on that busiest of traveling days.  It was mostly clear going, we hit one patch of traffic that added about an hour to the drive, but can't complain about that.

Her aunt has a really nice house.  I learned that heated floors and a big bathtub with jets are very, very good.  Hardwood floors, not so great in reality.  I have a hard time with noise, so hearing Ramen's nails on the floors all the time drove me nuts.

Noah was great!  He did fine in the car both coming and going.  He seemed to like hanging out with Ching's aunt and her cousin Jesse.  Jesse is a student at Rutgers.  We went to see his fancy-smancy dorm.  Oh my.  There was a big back yard at the house that Noah liked to run around.

We were smart and took his favorite dvds - Foster's Home, Spirited Away and My neighbor Totoro.  That helped.  But now he knows to ask for "T" - tv.  Heh.

The only problem was he didn't nap, so then he'd be this hyper zombie baby in the late evening and hard to get to sleep.  He just slept in the bed with us.  And at least this time he didn't end up all sideways.  Now we know we'll still need a crib when we go to Vegas next month, even if only for naps.

But he's just a sweet kid.  He's good with people.  He's mostly well-behaved.  And thankfully he travels well, since this was his 7th trip in just over two years!

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