Friday, November 16, 2012

What Noah's Up To

It can be a little difficult to sit down and write about what Noah's up to, being with him every day it's harder to notice the changes. 

He's doing well with his speech therapist, but so far he hasn't gotten to where he can talk to us so we can understand him.  He can say tons of words, but his extemporaneous speech we just don't get.  He's speaking more calmly and slowly to us, and I apologize to him all the time that I don't understand.  We know he'll get there.  He can repeat counting to ten though - except for "one" - even "seven" is easier than "one".  And he loves praise - he'll clap and say "yah!" even in anticipation of getting something right. 

He has finally managed to cleanly feed himself with a spoon.  He still loves his oatmeal with applesauce and raisins, and he loves cottage cheese.  I can give him a little bowl and 95% of it ends up in his mouth! 

He still isn't a big fan of putting shirts on.  I think it's because it's no fun pulling them over his head.  Or maybe he just knows he looks good!  Some days, even now that it's cold, it's noon before I get a shirt on him.  At least he's in pants and socks. 

We're very glad we get all of his clothes at consignment stores because most of the pants we bought him for winter won't last through December.  I don't think he ever stops growing taller.  At 2 1/2 in a couple of months, he'll be in 3T pants.

He's figured out how to hop.  For a long time he'd jump up and down in his crib holding on.  About a week ago he finally started hopping around on the regular floor.  So cute!  And he's improving his form on his forward rolls - he now keeps his legs straight as he comes forward.  Last night he was doing forward rolls off of the foot stool.  Ugh.  Thankfully he's still not a daredevil!

One of his most favorite things to do is run down the hallway from his bedroom into the living room and face plant into the luv sac bean bag chair.  He can do this for fifteen to twenty minutes until he's all out of breath and we make him chill.

He's a sweet, physical, handsome, smart boy.  Every day we're so amazing that we get to keep him!

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