Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This and That

It's been a while since we've updated, there are lots of little things happening, but not many big ones so it's harder to find things to write about.  It's easier to do short little updates on FB.  

These are a couple of FB updates:

We went to Chick-fil-A for some dinner, after we'd eaten, Nerdstar got a strawberry shake - when Noah saw it he said, rather loudly, Wow... Wow... Wow... and then proceeded to drink at least half of it, looking rather concerned whenever Nerdstar would take a drink!

I've heard tales of toddlers who stop eating or get more picky. OMG our boy is a pig. He's even branching out a little. Funny thing, it's in a white trash direction. He insisted on a slice of bread with butter for a snack. Then the other day he had a slice of bologna - but no bread with it. At least he doesn't know about fried bologna yet. (and yes, I sing the oscar mayer song to know how to spell bologna.) Still no rice or tofu!

Now for more of an update.

We didn't do Christmas this year.  No tree or lights or presents or anything.  Partly because Noah still doesn't know what it's all about or get excited when he sees Christmas trees and such.  Last year we thought this would be the year, now we figure it'll be next year.  

We also decided to just meet up with my family in Vegas this week instead of flying down to Dallas.  None of us have been there in years and it sounded fun.  I think Noah is going to have a blast with his Granny and Pa and cousin Zach and uncle Jason!  Nerdstar and I are looking forward to some good food, some good naps and maybe a little gambling.  

Our boy is starting to have his routines.  He's learned how to say "tunes" so when he wakes up he tells me to turn on his tunes so he can dance either in his bed or out of it first thing in the morning.  Then he's getting to where he wants to go watch "T" - tv.  He's still just watching his three Japanese movies. He didn't even sit through all of Toy Story.  He also still watches Foster's Home while we eat dinner.  I know he should be watching less, but it's winter and a cold one at that.  He'll be more than ready to spend lot of time outside when it's warm enough.  He's ready to spend more time outside in the cold than we are.  

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