Wednesday, January 9, 2013


"Toto" - that's how Noah tells us he wants to go watch Our Neighbor Totoro, again.  If we simply put it on a loop somewhere in the house for him, he'd be very happy.  At least there are three movies to rotate between - Our Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Howl's Moving Castle.

I think Totoro is actually his favorite, which is good, it's the most simple.  Not only does he talk along with the dialogue he can say, he does the sound effects and motions, too.  It's so cute. 

Most of the time I sit on the sofa and watch with him.  I remember the first time watching these movies I had a sort of "huh, that was interesting" reaction.  They aren't as black and white and linear as Disney and Pixar.  But the more I've watched them, the more happy I am Noah really likes them.  It's interesting that all three deal with moving into a new house.  They're about going on a journey and family and love.  And they are just so beautifully made.  We've also watched Ponyo a couple of times. I like it because the main character is a little boy, but it's my least favorite of the four, and I'm still not sure if Noah likes it enough to buy it.  (Right now I have it through Netflix.) 

I almost feel bad for him watching them so much, but it's winter and cold and the flu is out there.  This week is  a little warmer, so we've played out in the backyard more.  Today we might go run around the mall for a while.  Fortunately, he still loves getting out of the house.  Yesterday, after his nap, he said, "Toto?"  I said, "No, we've already watched it."  Then he said, "Store?"  Heh.  I had to say, "No, we're not going to the store today." 

I'm also using it to teach him that other things have to happen first before he can watch "Toto" - like getting dressed or eating breakfast or changing his diaper. 

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