Monday, February 25, 2013

All Right

Noah's speech is coming along.  It's a slow and steady progress, and that's fine.  He's picking up short phrases we use a lot.  One thing I didn't even know I said, much less said often, is "all right" - Noah picked it up and it's pretty cute.  He says "let's go" and "see you".

When he sees himself he says "you".  It started a while back, he watched some videos from and other sites on the computer with me and he started asking for "you".  It took me a while to realize he wanted to watch the videos we've taken of him.  It makes sense, that's what I would say - "You want to watch you?"  Just wonder when he'll also make the connection that he's Noah (and the ten other nicknames I have for him).

He also counts to ten all the time, well, mostly, he tends to leave out three and four.  He'll point to letters and count them.  We haven't started working on letters yet.  Maybe soon.  It's hard to figure out how to work on things like colors, big and little, and things like that while waiting for his speech to improve.  I did order a big book of activities for ages 0-5 and we'll see how those help.

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