Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another update

Today we went to the outlet mall in town and got Noah a pair of tennis shoes, his feet had grown too large for his 8.5 wide shoes and he tossed them away.  He is now wearing a size 9 wide.  That was after we took him to Cartoon Cuts for his I don't know how may already haircut.  It used to be that I had to sit with him on my lap, with much consoling to get the job done.  For this particular haircut, he was so grown up and did not even require sitting on my lap!  He went through the whole haircut without any struggles or tears, I felt like that was a milestone!

At 2 and a half years old, Noah has his moments of not wanting to take baths (complete with squealing!) and the occasional bouts of restlessness.  Not to mention that he has yet to carry on conversations with us at more than his 2 words per sentence.  He is, to me, smart and very sweet with his sociable nature (waving and smiling at people that he doesn't know, playing with relatives with who he doesn't really get to see often, like his great uncle.), and although he's not yet composing the next great symphony (like I am sure some your kids are already), he understands us and is learning how to express himself more and more.  When I'm home, he'd make sure that I'm in his sight and that we'd always eat and play together.

Noah is so much more interesting than the people at work who are running around with their heads cut off, and that makes the daily grind much more tolerable.  He is a good reminder of what is important in life!


Michelle said...

Our almost-3-year-old will fight tooth and nail to not take a bath, but if you put her in the bath, she'll thank you repeatedly for it and not want to get out. Sometimes, I think it's just about the fight.

Beth said...

Fortunately, Noah's not much of a fighter, or even a fit-thrower. So when he adamantly refuses something, we tend to pay attention and go with it.