Monday, February 18, 2013

You Never Know

Normally, Noah takes a bath every night.  I'd say there's been less than five times he's resisted and acted like we were killing him instead of bathing him.  We think that happens on nights he's just really tired. 

Night before last, we got the bath water ready, got him undressed and got him to sit on his little potty and pee.  So far, so good.  But then he just wouldn't get in the tub.  I put him on my lap to try to talk to him and calm him down.  I asked what he wanted, but it's still hard for him to say what he wants.  (Sometimes he can make it clear to us.)  Then I asked if he wanted to put on his jammies and go to bed.  He immediately said, "yes",  Well, ok then.  That was not the answer we expected.  We expected him to say no and then we'd say, "then you better get in the tub!" 

So, I told him to go to his room so we could put his diaper and jammies on and go to bed.  And he did!  He took his little school bus toy to bed with him, played for a while, and went to sleep.

You just never know what these kids are gonna do!

With the bath refusals, and I guess with other such things, we try to really listen to him and see if we can accommodate him.  Kids have so little autonomy as it is.  And he's such a good kid 95% of the time, that when he's not we pay attention and try to find out why. 

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