Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kids Need Boredom

Yes.  Kids need to be bored sometimes.

Lying in the yard, looking up at clear blue sky until I was totally lost in it is one of my favorite memories.  Even as an adult, I've had tons of "empty" time, no tv, no radio, not even a book, and I think it's something we're missing these days. 

I'm so glad Noah is fine playing in his room by himself for a while every day.  We're trying hard to resist him playing with phones and tablets and apps for as long as we can.  If they're always doing something with whatever device is in their hands, they'll miss out on so much, including the simple art of making small talk while waiting. 

I can't state how often I'm tempted to move to "the country" for our sanity and Noah's future. 

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