Saturday, April 27, 2013

Not Funny

A few weeks ago when we were getting a little work done around the house, I joked that maybe we were starting to get it ready to sell.  A week or so after that Nerdstar mentioned there was a job opening down in San Antonio, but it was a very, very long shot.  Another week goes by and they actually call her for an interview.  Wow.  I think it was at this point I started packing the house, imagining a new house, and working out all the logistics of a cross country move in my head.  Ugh.  That went on for two weeks, my very busy head, and then the Boston bombing happened.  It was at the end of that week that she found out the project in San Antonio had lost it's funding.  Sigh.

I really thought for those few weeks that this was finally our opportunity to get out of the DC area and back home to Texas.  Yes, the logistics are complicated, but the new company was even going to pay for the move.  Can't beat that deal.

Also, during all of this time, Nerdstar's job has gotten worse and worse.  We don't understand why, but they just seemed unhappy with her no matter what she did or tried.

Friday, she lost her job.

Now, I had just spent the past week trying not to be disappointed that the San Antonio job didn't work out and trying to be thankful to God that our lives here are good, you know, a steady job, a decent house, great weather, good health.

There have been many times over the years I've told God He's not funny.  This is certainly another one.

Instead of two weeks notice, her company has this weird thing called being "on the beach" where she goes into one of their more admin. buildings and tries to find another project within the company for two weeks.  If something doesn't materialize, then that's it.  There is also a slight chance of a job with another company she used to work for that's in the same building she was just working in.

Anyway.  We've been saving and saving and telling ourselves that when the job thing ended here, we'd pack it all up and move back to Texas.

So, we've got a lot to sort through, decide, and see what happens in the next month. 

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