Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Sweet Boy

I've long worried that Noah would pick up my favorite cussing phrases.  So far, that hasn't happened.  He did pick up my saying "thank you" to just about anything he does.  There is no telling how many times a day I say "thank you" and "good job".  Now, anytime you hand Noah something he says, "thank you" or "thanks".   It's so cute and sweet.  And he thinks it's funny when you say "you're welcome" back.

Last spring and summer when he was walking and running some, but was still pretty little, he loved watching the older boys in our cul-de-sac running and playing ball, usually basketball.  Now that it's just warm enough to head outside in the afternoons when the kids get home from school, he wants to be right back out there with them!  Now, these kids aren't bad kids, but they haven't exactly been taught to be good kids.  What's cool is that, so far, they're usually nice to Noah.  They understand he doesn't speak well enough for them to understand him much yet.  And of course, he's way too young to really play with them, but they don't run him off.

I already worry, though, that our boy is too sweet.  That he'll be the kid the other kids take advantage of, the kid they have fetch things for them, or whatever.  The other day, two kids were playing with sticks, so Noah spent a long time picking up all of the sticks around and handing them to them.  When we go to this play area with other kids his age, he's the one who ends up having the ball or toy he's playing with taken - and he just sort of looks at them and moves on to something else until the toy or ball is free again.  He never fusses or grabs it back.

Mostly, I stand back and watch, make sure he's not upset, redirect him some.  I told Nerdstar the other day to not be surprised if I deck someone in the future for not being nice to our sweet boy.

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