Monday, May 27, 2013

Lazy Wins

(Disclaimer, parts of this are from FB)

Noah has definitely hit the "play everything ten times back to back" phase of life. It's a blessing and a curse the iPod had a "repeat" button. It does save me from having to get up and manually restart the song every time. (No, we don't have a remote control for it.) We're on the fourth viewing of this particular Curious George video. All I can say about Curious George is that after two days I'd send him back to the jungle.   

So far, our saving grace is that Noah still has decent taste in what he watches/listens to. I'm pretty adamant about never letting him see for the first time things I won't watch 100 times - like Elmo! Curious George isn't my favorite, but it's harmless. He also really likes Mickey Mouse Club House, which is fine.  He'll also watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sophia the First.  Disney Jr. has too many commercials, so I'm glad our On-Demand has all these shows.  Also, our boy just doesn't understand commercials or viewing schedules - heh.  He does totally understand the "skip ad" button on

One really cool thing from Noah's video viewing is that thanks to some really cheesy, cheap animated videos with trains carrying the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and shapes - Noah is learning those things without us teaching him.  He picked these videos all on his own.  I'm glad this bodes well for using something like Kahn Academy in the future.

His language development is still coming along slow and steady.  He talks all the time and tells us these long stories, but we still don't understand most of it.  When he really needs to ask or tell us something he usually knows enough words to get his point across.  

Which brings me to Parenting/Teaching approaches.  Ugh.

Two years or so ago I read the books that were really against "child led" stuff.  It was all about the parent setting the eating/sleeping schedule and everything else.  Sounded reasonable.  And then we had a hard-headed son who, while a very good kid, also seems to set his own schedule/agenda.  

So, in some ways, lazy won.  Because he's not anywhere near unreasonable, we let Noah lead a lot.  

Mostly, I believe he's got a lifetime of having to do things on other people's terms and time tables.  He's still very young, and happy, and sweet.  He's social, and curious.

Where we're running into trouble already is with the school system and his speech therapist - who is a developmental therapist not a speech therapist.  She's consistently advised we put him in pre-school to work on his attention span and essentially - compliance.  Um, No.  He's been two this entire time, and his attention span is just fine for his age.  She brought it up again last week, suggesting pre-school in the Fall.  I didn't explain to her all the reasons we don't want to do that.  We don't think it's normal for kids under four or five to sit and conform.  The whole reason I'm staying home with him is to avoid such things. 

Her one hour a week with him, and her determination to get him to sit and pay attention and complete tasks has prevented her from seeing his actual development.  It's been a little frustrating.  

Anyway.  The point is we have a great kid.  He takes a lot of energy, but it's worth it.  

Oh, and the right bribe at the right time is still the best way to help him choose to do good.


D said...

As something of a compromise, maybe there's a part-time preschool program (you know, 3 mornings a week in a church common room, or something) where Noah could go and sling back some milk and fruit with some toddler friends. Kind of like a book club... for toddlers. ;) It might be a new way to indulge his social butterflyness! As opposed to seeing it as something of a compliance/pre-"school" kind of thing.

RR's "school" has a really intense "schooly" vibe (one of the reasons we're moving her to Montessori), but certainly not all places are like that. Any many places offer really relaxed environments, with options of going only for a few hours a week, and they're usually well-priced as well.

Might be worth a consideration!

Beth said...

Ching and I talk about all of this a lot. For reasons that would fill up a very long blog post, we're not big fans of schools. But, we also know that at this point we have no idea how Noah learns, or what his interests are going to be, or things like that. We are pretty set on keeping him out of school settings until kindergarten.

We know there will be lots more options activities wise through the rec centers and such once he's three. if there's something along those lines he enjoys we'll be happy to take him to those.

The problems we've had with the system this past school year have just been not feeling like they were addressing the problems WE saw, not the problems they saw. His therapist did say today he'll need actual speech therapy - duh!