Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Two-ish

Now that our boy is getting closer to turning 3, he's acting a little more "two".  He's crying a little longer when he does cry, and maybe being upset a little more often.  The best strategy is still to mostly leave him alone and let it blow over.  I'm sure the stress in the atmosphere around here isn't easy on him, and the craziness of Nerdstar being home a lot more.  I'd say right now the thing that upsets him most is when one of us leaves the house without him and the other Ma. 

I'd say one of his favorite things to do is just run.  Run relays from here to there.  I think he could run a couple of miles given the space and ability to not get distracted.

One of the cutest things he's done in the past week or so is try to sing.  I love it.  And what makes it so funny is that we don't understand a word!  Now, he can sing along a little bit with his dance tunes like Blame It On The Boogie and Heaven Knows, he's also starting to learn the "rock yells" in songs like Dancing With Myself.  But this is just him singing by himself out of nowhere. 

Several months ago, his speech/developmental person showed him a game on her iPad.  When Nerdstar's sister gave her a kindle for her birthday, we found that same app for Noah.  It's the best thing ever when we need to entertain him so we can finish our meal at a restaurant.  It has four or five different little games to it.  It has a little monkey in the corner that says what to do, and then jumps up and down and says "good job" when you get things right, or shakes it's head no when you get them wrong.  Noah loves saying "good job" every time!  One of the games is moving four puzzle pieces into place.  For a while we'd help him move his finger, then this past week or two, he started being able to do it on his own.  One game is to pick the one item out of four that is different - somehow he's done that perfectly from day one.  Another game is a matching game with eight tiles, like concentration.  Today, he's been able to do that all by himself a few times.  It's so cool to watch him learning.

He's also starting to tell me when he poops.  Maybe he'll be potty trained before he's four!

Speaking of poops (and all moms of little ones do!) I finally became a little concerned that his poops were no longer solid.  They were a gross wet mess.  We decided to completely cut out apple juice, even though he didn't drink that much of it in his water.  About the same time, we decided that the cause of his remaining red bump breakouts on his face might be related to milk drool when he sleeps, so we switched to almond milk.  (Mostly because Nerdstar already had some she was drinking.)  Turns out, it was probably the milk causing the runny poops.  And the derm said it probably is his drool causing the skin problems.  We're using vaseline type stuff on his face to help keep the drool off.

We still feel like we won the baby lottery when we got him!  He's so damn cute!  Oh, and he's so very social!  He loves running around seeing what kids are out in the neighborhood and going and sort of hanging out with them.  It's still not really "playing together" but he loves being around them.  He's also always saying "hi" to people whenever he walks by them, or if he's sitting, when they walk by him.  So sweet! 

Oh yes, I almost forgot.  Noah will not survive Nerdstar being home all the time for long.  I cannot tell you how much more he eats when she's home.  It's at least twice a much!!  

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