Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Then or Now?

Once again inspired by FB comments and conversations with my Nerdstar.

I'm sure as all mother's do, I think about how parenting was for my Mom.  Not the was she a good Mom or not question, (like all mothers she was both, but the good far outweighs the bad) but did she deal with some of the same issues moms face now.

One caveat to this discussion is that I'm an older mom, so the gap between when I was Noah's age is much bigger than for other moms.

Nerdstar and I were talking about all of the pressure from other moms to be the perfect mother.  It's as if parenting (much more for women than men I think) has become a competitive sport.  From blogs to magazine articles and who knows what else, there are all these ways to get the message "you're not doing it right."  Is it because we communicate so much more through social media than face to face?  I just can't imagine my mom and her friends telling each other the types of things I read these days.  I don't know.

Then, on FB there was a comment about was it better for our parents that cartoons and kid's shows were only on when they were on and there was no you.tube or on demand.

I remember as a kid watching cartoons while getting ready for school in the mornings.  Casper, Popeye, Tom and Jerry, Felix the Cat, old Mickey Mouse.  Then there might be a few more cartoons in the afternoons (maybe that's when Tom and Jerry was on).  And if I got up early enough, there might be Saturday morning cartoons.  But honestly, I remember Soul Train on Saturdays more than cartoons.

So, in some ways I think it's better now.  More choices and at any time.  You don't have to have a set time every day that's "tv time" you can watch it when wanted or needed.  Noah doesn't understand real time tv, but she absolutely knows what the "skip ad" button on you.tube is.

Also, you.tube and on demand give parents the option to skip all those ads targeting children - that alone is worth it!

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