Monday, June 10, 2013

5 Weeks

It's been a long, full, fun, frustrating five weeks.

Five weeks ago, Nerdstar lost her job.  I was ready to pack up the house, put it on the market, and head on down to whichever city in Texas and start over.  Nerdstar, not quite as ready.

Because she was getting paid to not work for three weeks, and then cash out almost 100 hours of leave,  we decided to take that time and see what happened.  She had a couple of local jobs that might come through.  It would also give her some time to talk to a few people and see if there was anything for her job-wise down in Texas.

On the last day of her paid three weeks, she got the official job offer here in northern Virginia.  Slightly higher pay than her last job, but back to a stupid commute.

We decided the job here in NOVA would be a good thing.  It buys us time.  Time to look more into things in Texas.  And it would also allow us to buy a house down in Texas before having a job down there.  (more on that coming up)

Anyway.  Noah and I have been lucky enough to have Nerdstar home with us for these few weeks.  I'm not sure it was exactly a vacation for either one of us.  Noah has so much more energy with her, and bosses her around so much more!  Some days it was nice taking a back seat and letting her handle things.  Other days it just felt like I had two kids.

One cool thing was that Nerdstar's sister was already planning a visit for Memorial Day weekend, so she had time for that.

This also allowed me to go to a nearby casino and play some poker.  I got lucky (and played decently) and doubled my money in a couple of hours.  I then took a hundred of that and played craps for all of ten minutes and walked away with $240.  I love to play a $5 12 - which means the next roll of the dice will be a 12 and it pays 30X your bet - $150 on $5.  Yep, I hit it!

We decided to go ahead and take a little vacation down to Texas before the new job started.  Noah needed some family time and we needed some of our favorite foods.  The money I won at the casino was our spending money and it lasted 90% of the trip!

The trip to Texas was crazy in that it sort of changed our positions on moving to Texas.  It made me a little more cautious and Nerdstar a little more ready.  But for now I think that's another post.

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