Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Days Go By

I feel like I/we haven't done very many actual Noah updates lately.  I guess that things are just chugging along and don't seem very exciting.

We think the biggest constant is he grows a little bit taller every day.  Even that isn't in dramatic growth spurts.

He's started this kinda weird thing where he whispers this "ehh ehh" sound a lot of the time.  No idea why.  Sometimes it makes me think of horror movies right before someone gets stabbed.

I think his feet are like cats' tails.  He's always flexing his toes or moving his feet somehow.  I'm not sure he's even aware of it.  Although, he does pay a lot of attention to his toes.

And then here's some thoughts I started as a comment over here.

Somewhere along the way,  we decidedon just not arguing with Noah.  This means we give in. Now, he’s not really all that demanding.  But, once he wants some juice, he's going to stand there and say "juice" until we get him some.  Or, if we're at a restaurant and he's ready to play his game on the Kindle before we're ready for him to, well, he generally wins that battle.  We say he’s a really great kid right up until he’s not, then he’s more hard-headed than we are.  I used to say of our cats that they had nothing else to do all day other than to get us to do whatever it was they wanted done - feed them, open the door and let them out, open the door and let them in, whatever.  They had more time than I did, so they won. It was good training for dealing with a toddler. 

One good thing is that he can also be really easy to bribe.  The promise of that same juice or game can get him to leave the park when we're ready or sit in his high chair another thirty minutes.  

Mostly our days just go by.  Which is kind of nice.  We watch a lot of Curious George.  We go to the park at least once a day - or find a way to let him run.  We listen to music. We eat snacks.  We wait for Ma to get home.  Then when he sees her, he always says, "It's MA!"  So cute!  And if she's not in sight he asks "whereshe?" all run together. 

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