Saturday, June 1, 2013

Not Ready For This!

We've known this day was coming, and while we're glad it took this long, we're not really ready.

Noah got all the way out of his crib after we put him down for a nap.

Nerdstar and I were downstairs about to watch a dvd, we got through the previews when we heard a couple of "thuds" from upstairs.  Huh?  We looked at each other and hoped we hadn't heard what we heard.  We didn't hear anything else for a few minutes.  Then we thought we heard Noah say something.  Uh oh.  A couple of minutes later - more footsteps.  Yep, he was just standing at the top of the stairs.

We're pretty sure we've got to change his crib now - it converts to a bed with one really short side and the rest still the regular crib.  We'd hate for him to twist his knee or ankle while getting out.  Although, he seems to be fairly careful when we watched him do it the second time we put him down for a nap.

The only saving grace is that because of the child safety thing in his bedroom door, he can get out of bed, but he can't get out of his room.  We've long imagined him finally figuring out how to get out of his crib and then coming down the stairs to come find us or something in the dark.  Although, he's not a big fan of the dark.

We put him down for a nap one last time, because he really was tired.  Then we left and closed his door.  Yep, he got out one more time and then played mostly quietly in his room for over an hour.

So.  Nap times and bed times are about to be a lot of fun.  I don't have too much trouble getting him to take naps.  But now that he'll be able to get in and out of bed - who knows.  I guess it'll be a policy of "nap" time - you stay in bed or your room until I come and get you.  But it's much harder for Nerdstar to get him to sleep at night.  No idea how that will ever work.  We'll have to see.

We're looking forward to being woken up to the sounds of him playing at who knows what hours of the night/morning - especially if he decides to turn up the volume on his keyboard!  

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