Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vacations Then and Now

Nerdstar and I have always traveled a lot.  Before Iraq, we'd go to Vegas once a year.  Before and since we've done tons of road trips - covering most of the US.  We're not club people, or drinking and dancing people.  But we like to gamble, to eat good food, to maybe hear some music, walk around new towns and people watch.  I'd have to say other than our big road trips, my favorite trip was when I got to meet up with her in Tokyo for a few days.

Now, we have Noah.  And for these few years of him being young, it's really changed how we think of vacations.

Thankfully, he travels really well.  He loves buses and trains and escalators and elevators.  He loves hotels and the big beds.  He loves people and car watching.  He loves running around where ever he is.  He does well in a car for day trips.

On this trip, thankfully we had direct flights that were only about 3 hours long.  But those last twenty-five minutes, when he was tired and we had to literally hold him down in the seat while he cried and protested, was hard.  I felt so bad for him, he just didn't understand why he couldn't get up and run around, why we here holding him down.  I told Nerdstar our good deed for the day was making other parents feel good that it wasn't their kid being upset.

So, when we travel now we have to find things Noah can do, or really, places he can run around.  And he's not old enough we can go places for kids and just drop him off for a while.  And this trip he didn't nap, so earlier in the evening we were all tired and thus nice dinners weren't much of an option.

I asked Nerdstar if other people with toddlers just don't take vacations, or if they drop the kid(s) off with grandparents (which we thought about, but again he's just not quite ready for that).  Do people leave their kids in the hotel room with snacks and movies or games and go eat without them?

We know it will get better and better over time.  And Noah is so fun to take places right up until that moment when he's not fun at all.  Those thirty minutes or so a day we're all too handle each other.

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