Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Park Time

We're very fortunate to have a really nice park about a mile from the house. There's actually a decent water park, a playground, two baseball fields, and a nice through the woods walking trail.  The two best things about the playground are the shade trees and that it's on a hill and gets a nice breeze.  (Well, the breeze isn't so nice in winter.) 

We've been going there since Noah started walking.  I love the mornings because the other people there tend to be SAHMs with kids around Noah's age.  Then, in the evenings, it's more of a free for all UN situation with people from different countries and kids of all ages.  Seriously, there are eastern Europeans, Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, everyone.  It's cool. 

What's been the neatest thing in the past month is seeing Noah really starting to interact with other kids, not just so his own thing all the time.  I think it started when we met some friends of ours there and Noah had a blast playing with the boy who's about a year older than him.  Then the next time it was just Noah and I until a neighborhood mom showed up with her little boy, just about Noah's age.  They spent a lot of time running around and around after each other.  Noah still has a limited vocabulary, but he's really sweet and tries to play with kids.  It's still so funny to watch little girls try to boss him.  He has no idea what they're trying to tell him to do and it makes me laugh. 

Today a big family showed up - seven kids of all ages.  At first Noah was happy to see a bunch of kids.  Then even more happy when he found some little toy dump trucks of theirs to play with.  But they just weren't into letting him "in" to play with him.  They were in no ways mean or rude, just not inclusive.  I'm glad that so far Noah has no concept of people be "nice" or "mean".  He's a sweet, sweet boy and I it's going to be hard for me when he realizes people aren't always nice to him.

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