Sunday, August 4, 2013

He's growing up so fast!

  When I pick him up, Noah's legs dangle almost below my knees, and at the rate that he has been growing, when he's 5 or 6 years old, he'll probably be at least at my chest level.  Part of that has to do with his donor's height, which is 6'2", and part of that was probably due to how tall my father was, at 6'4".  Myself, at 5'6", is the shorter one compared to my sister, who is around 5'7" or maybe a bit taller.
  Besides Noah's height, he is also speaking more, in ways which we understand better, and that is an improvement.  However, he will definitely need speech therapy.  We will try to work that in with the upcoming event of him attending preschool.  Two things which I think work to his advantage are that he is a very social child, and he's naturally curious.  We also have noticed that he enunciates words better when he's "singing".  Therefore adding some more exposure to music in terms of maybe getting him some more varieties on his ipod, or even maybe music lessons (but we are not going to push him) will be ways to help him better his speech.
  Even with the latest difficulty of  eating out with him (chronicled in the last entry), he is still the best tempered child around.  I cannot remember the last time that he had thrown a fit (he does, just ever so rarely).
  He's also now calling both of us "Mommy!" and still gets crazy when I'm at home.  Keeping him occupied, well fed, and entertained now surpasses everything else.  I don't really miss that much of anything else, except for the occasional t.v. watching.
  Life is pretty good so far, aside from the doom and gloom of Obamacare, corrupt politicians, angry lesbians, and you can fill in the rest of blanks, having Noah around helps us stay as grounded as we could!

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