Monday, August 19, 2013

Noah's Fun Weekend

We spent Friday evening where we spend a LOT of evenings this summer - at the park.  Noah had decided that the best thing to do was grab handfuls of the wood mulch and throw it down slides.  Now, this is all well and good as long as there aren't other kids on that particular slide - a distinction Noah failed to grasp sometimes.  This is where his stubbornness is a problem.  There is just no deterring him other than taking him home. 

The upside of park time is seeing how sweet our boy can be.  A few times now, a kid has fallen or cried for some reason, and  Noah goes over to them and pats them on the arm or back and says "ok, ok".  Melts my heart!

Mostly he loves to slide and run and play chase.

Last week, after not having been down there in several months, Noah started saying "water" to me.  OH, yeah, there is a creek down behind the baseball field, with a trail and a bridge!  Noah has started a "redistribute all the rocks" campaign, moving them from the trail and throwing them into the water!  At least it got him away from throwing mulch down the slides.

Saturday was County Fair day.  Unfortunately, I thought it opened about two hours before it actually did.  Bleh.  But, we finally got out there and had a good time.   It took him a few minutes, but he warmed up to seeing all the cows and sheep and goats and pigs and chickens.  He even petted a couple!  Then he rode a few rides.  That's going to be a big advantage to his being tall - not having to wait so long to be tall enough ride some rides.  The down side is he isn't very brave to want to ride a bunch of them. 

Yesterday, we went to the big kids consignment sale.  Ten pairs of pants, fifteen shirts, five sets of pajamas, a fantastic red Mickey Mouse robe, and two toys for $126.  Love it. 

The toys are a little Mickey Mouse phone and a very pink Marie Mouse doll.  (I assume it's Minnie's sister?)  He saw them both and started carrying them around.  I knew he liked Minnie and was planning on getting him one to go with Mickey for Christmas, but this is fine. 

I've mentioned that Noah is a fan of Sofia the First.  Hmmm.  I figured out that what he likes about it is all the music, so I finally got around to seeing if there was a soundtrack or something on iTunes.  There is!  So, I downloaded it for him last night and we played it after his bath.  Oh my.  There might have been a little prancing going on.  And that show is really just a gateway to show tunes!!

We joke about having a metrosexual boy on our hands. 

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