Monday, August 26, 2013

Pleasant Surprises

The weather this last weekend was amazing.  And having amazing weather in August makes us very happy.

Saturday night we headed out to find and try a new-to-us butcher shop.  First pleasant surprise was there wasn't any traffic, which is stunning.  It makes life here so much nicer when it doesn't take an hour or more to go fifteen miles.

The butcher shop was a disappointment, but that was ok.  We discovered a whole new little shopping area we didn't realize had been built in the last couple of years.  It's in the same neighborhood where I used to work as a phlebotomist sometimes.  It's basically across the street from the Korean grocery store we used to go to before we found a closer one.  And it's also just down the street from the place where I would go pick up the sperm to do Nerdstar's inseminations.  Heh.

The area is in the middle of up-scale shopping tiers.  One very pleasant part was this little water fountain where there were six little areas water would sprout up from.  This was next to a grassy area and next to a movie theater that had a big screen on the outside showing movie previews and some cool  short videos.  Nice area.

It took about five minutes for Noah to even walk around the water area.  We asked him if he wanted to take his shoes and socks off - "NO".  Asked again a few minutes later.  "NO."  But, he was walking around, watching the other kids, checking it all out.  About twenty minutes into it he came over to me and said "shoes/socks" and I took them off for him.  It was just a nice way to spend an hour.  Even nicer because it was unexpected.

There was also a chocolate shop that had some outstanding little chocolates.  It really reminded me of the stunning chocolates we had in Tokyo.  mmmmmm.

Then we also found a cupcake shop and Cold Stone Creamery.  Heh.

We topped all that off with an unscheduled trip to the Korean grocery store.

Sitting by the fountain I just felt blessed and content.

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