Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Getaway Complications

I started this over on FB, but as always, I have too much to say for there.

We'd like to do a weekend getaway around the end of September.  We don't really do summer vacations, because we don't like hot weather or lots of people!   We need somewhere within driving distance because flying is just too much trouble for a short trip.

Now, Ching and I like nice hotels with pools and hot tubs and big comfy beds.  Ok, Noah likes a lot of that, too.  We like to gamble and eat good meals.  Noah likes to run, run some more, chase some kids around a park, and watch his videos.  He's not really into zoos, or amusement parks, or things like that yet.

We've learned that if we take him somewhere, there had better be good places to do lots of walking/running.  It's harder to keep him entertained on the road than it is at home.  And there's also the chance there won't be a nap for us to get some down time.

Also, as we had reinforced the other night, we don't have to worry about Noah becoming addicted to playing games on a device anytime soon.  We used to could to out to eat and he'd eat his snacks, and then play some aps on the kindle.  Not anymore.  Once he's done eating he yells, "GET OUT" until we get him out of the high chair.  This usually happens just as we're in the middle of eating our entres, which means one of us gets to take him outside while the other gets the boxes, settles the check and all that fun stuff.

So, back to that getaway.  We found a cool place in West Virginia (about a four hour drive) that is a small hotel in the woods/at the base of the mountain.  There are trails and a big creek and not very many people.  There's also no good restaurants.  I like the idea of spending some time outdoors and think Noah would really like it.

Then there's also a Great Wolf Lodge/Busch Gardens/Colonial Williamsburg about two and a half hours from here.  We don't think he'd like Williamsburg.  He's also not a "water kid".  We went to a swimming party and it took him fifteen minutes just to get his feet into the pool.  He never did play in the water by himself, he was in Ching's arms the whole time.  The plus side is everything is indoors at Great Wolf, so weather is never an issue.  There would be lots of kids for him to chase around.  And there are some things other than water activities.  Again, though.  No good food or gambling for us big kids.

Third option is Atlantic City.  Noah really enjoyed the boardwalk last time we were there.  He wasn't too crazy about the beach.  We're not thrilled with the beach either, but it's not terrible.  The problem here is what do we do with Noah while we do a little gambling or go eat at an adult restaurant?  I found two babysitting services for Atlantic City, one in business since 1998.  But is that something we'd be comfortable with?  Maybe.  Ching does have some family in NJ, but we're not sure they could meet up with us.

It just seems like it should be easier to pick a place!

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