Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sending Noah Out Into The World

This morning Nerdstar, Noah and I went up to Noah's pre-school for a meet-the-teacher session.  All of the paperwork is turned in.  All of the supplies are purchased.  We're all set for the first day on Monday.  Sigh.  There will be twelve kids, one teacher and two teacher's assistants.  Looks like it'll be nine boys and three girls. 

I have mixed feelings about all of this.  I keep reminding myself the reason Noah is going to pre-school is because he loves being around other kids.  So, our only goal is for him to have fun.  Noah was definitely the most outgoing and talkative this morning.  We love how he tends to make himself at home in the world, wherever he is. He's also the kid other kids take toys from.  It happened two or three times in less than an hour.  He always lets them.  He always waits for other kids to go up or down the ladders at the park.  It's going to be interesting to watch how he grows socially over time. 

Now, is it a good thing they're also going to teach our boy to walk not run, use an indoor voice, and follow directions?  YES!  In fact, we're pretty happy someone else will succeed in this, as we haven't.  (We haven't really tried.) 

From just about the day he was born, I've prayed that God would protect him, body, mind and heart.  Now, more than ever, that's still my prayer.  The world can be hard on sweet boys. 

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