Friday, October 25, 2013

Parent/Teacher Conferences and IEPs

Last Friday we had our very first parent/teacher conference.  It was scheduled for 15 minutes and ran at least 45, that was good.  A lot of that time was his teacher explaining what she does in the classroom and why.  I really appreciated that.  My lack of love and trust of public schools should be well known.  So I was happy to hear that, as it should be, this class is all about play and learning through play, and learning though routine.  Also happy to hear that she's really flexible with her lesson plans - that if the kids sort of collectively are into dinosaurs one week, and her lesson plan was something else, she'll find something on dinosaurs for them.

Noah is still so, so happy to go to pre-school.

On the days he doesn't go to school, he still wants to go to the park in the mornings.  Poor kid, he's so sad when we get there and there aren't any other kids to play with.  Add it getting pretty cold this week, and he was a little bummed out yesterday morning.  (We went to the park at 9:30 a.m. and it was 45 degrees with a breeze from the north.  Brrr!)

This morning we met with Noah's development person (not sure what else to call her, she works with him at the pre-school) and his new speech therapist person to go over his new IEP.  We feel they both really have a good handle on who Noah is, where he's at developmentally, and how to work with him.  He's still about a year behind when it comes to some aspects of language acquisition and expression.  But other than that he's a sweet, smart, social boy!

Oh, the best thing to come out of the parent/teacher meeting was learning that they line all the kids up and do potty time, one at a time, and that Noah is getting the hang of pulling his pants up and down, peeing in the potty, and washing his hands!  We knew he'd started washing his hands when he got the chance.

So this week we've started doing more potty times with him.  A month ago we didn't think we'd ever get started on potty training, and here we are!!  I don't expect a fast development, but this is a great start.  He doesn't even require rewards - he just loves to be told "good job" and to be clapped for!  It does suck that this is happening during winter with the harder to take on/off clothes.

One other fun thing.  Noah is a BIG fan of Sofia the First.  He's been listening to the soundtrack and watching the episodes for quite a while.  We decided to be nice and order him a Sofia the First storybook.  I've always said it really helps boys to read of you find a topic they're interested in.  And there's a whole genre of "fart" books for boys.  Well, for Noah it was his first princess!  He's starting to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates as well.  We'll have to find that sort of storybook, too.

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