Friday, October 4, 2013

Shutdown Getaway

Due to the benevolence of Mother Nature and a very messed up government, we found ourselves with some time off, unseasonably warm weather, and cheap, off-season hotel rates.  So, we did what any rational people would do - went to the beach!

It's about a four hour drive to Ocean City, Md.  One of the nicer benefits of the shutdown (other than time off) is a real lack of traffic around here!  We picked Noah up from pre-school Wednesday at noon, finished getting packed, and off we went.

We were on the beach before dinner time!  Noah was hesitant at first, and he still won't get in the water because the waves are too loud.  There was a lovely family with five kids that Noah decided to hang out with after running up and down the beach for a while.  They had some shovels and he moved a lot of sand around.

I was smart and got two queen beds, one for me and one for Nerdstar and Noah.  heh.  He was really tired and even though we forgot his glow worm, went to sleep pretty well.

The funniest thing he's done in a long time - around 4 a.m. I just happened to hear him say, very clearly, "JELLO" and keep on sleeping.

We've joked lately that Nerdstar spent the entire pregnancy giving Noah food updates about what she ate every day.  Now, with his limited vocabulary - at least 65% of it is food words.  His teacher also said he loves to play with the kitchen in the classroom.

At 6 a.m., Noah was wide awake and repeating "water" which meant he was ready to go back to the beach right then.  I had to show him it was still dark outside and we couldn't even see the water.  (We had at least a partial view of the ocean from our balcony.)  We were at the beach around 7 to see most of the sunrise.  Way too early.

We ended up being done with the beach and back on the road about 11 a.m.  We had seen that there was a little conservation zoo on our route, so we went there.

I think it's impossible to overstate how social Noah is.  There were groups of school kids there and he totally ran off and left us to go join them!  He would walk with them to various exhibits and then get right in the middle of the group to see what was going on.  When that group went on to something else, he'd walk with us a little, and then go join another group.  Both us and the teachers were just laughing.

It was a really nice trip, especially because we never got around to doing it during the summer.

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