Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas at 3 1/2

Noah still didn't really get the whole Christmas thing this year.  He watched Mickey Mouse Christmas specials and Curious George Christmas specials, but that's about it.  He loves snowmen.  I think he might still be more into pumpkins from Fall/Thanksgiving.  He does really enjoy all the lights and decorations on the houses!

So, we kept things pretty small again this year.  We hung the stockings, put some lights around the tree outside.  I've had my stocking my entire life.  My Mom made the ones for Ching and Noah.  I'm happy we have a fireplace to hang them over! 

About two months ago, Noah decided he was really, really into fire trucks.  That made deciding what to get him for Christmas easy.  It also made waiting to give it to him until Christmas really hard!  We also got him a little Match Box motorcycle. 

The other thing he's really into is Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Granny and Pa were great and got him some jammies and t-shirt!  His aunt Jennifer also sent him some really cool clothes.  

The lady who's been walking Ramen for over a year now was also really nice and got Noah a little car for Christmas.  We let him start by opening it and it took some convincing to get him to move on and open other things.  

Next year I'm sure will be a bigger event.  We'll decorate a Christmas tree and actually wrap the presents and put them under it. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Dentist, Literally, and Other Thoughts

Noah had his first dentist appointment the other day.  About seven weeks ago we noticed that one of his front teeth was starting to turn a little grey.  The internets said that as long as the gums were ok, it was nothing to worry about.  We figured getting it checked out couldn't hurt.

At the dentist, he went right back with the lady and got up on the chair and began his usual stoic, good response.  They did a quick check of everything and a cleaning.  Towards the end he got a little upset, but we didn't even have the silent tears!  The dentist said everything looked good.  I told him I was really proud of him and thanked him for being such a good kid, but I'm not sure how much he gets that.

One thing that's caught my attention lately is how Noah is completely literal.  So far, there's no sign of imagination or pretend.  His speech is coming along.  He's talking more and in longer phrases, his vocabulary continues to grow.  One of his most used phrases is still "what's that?"  We have no idea when he'll change to why instead of what.  He's also still very undeterred, once he says he wants something, he is relentless until he gets it - or we sometimes succeed in changing the subject.  I was talking with Ching about the literalness, and how it seems that once we lose that, we're never that literal again.  I don't know how to explain it better.  I just find it interesting.

In other news, I put on facebook the other day that everything Noah knows about Christmas, he's learned from Curious George and Mickey Mouse Christmas specials.  We did a little decorating this year, but we'll do more next year.  I also said that I'm more impatient and excited to give Noah his present than I was a kid waiting for mine.  A few weeks ago he started really getting into firetrucks, so we got him a nice Tonka one.  We really can't wait to see his reaction!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

My boss away from work

Since I'm pretty much a pushover when it comes to just about everyone, I knew that once Noah had popped out I'd get a new boss.

It started with the normal everyday affairs of bringing up baby, the feedings, washings and keeping him healthy.  Then as he grew older, gotten more active and now more verbal, he now makes sure that he doesn't make me feel left out when I am not at work.

He wants me to do everything for and with him, gets me to drive him to Starbucks for fruit and cheese (not a everyday occurrence), marches me around like a little drill sergeant, makes me click countless times to get to the Youtube videos that he wants to watch, and just in general, finding and pushing my buttons.

What can I do?  Because of my crazy work commute, I might get to spend maybe 3 hours with him after work before his bedtime (Probably typical with parents who work in this area.)  So that is kind of like an effort to make the time spent with him mostly quality time, even if it means being bossed around.  Even though he can get a bit crazy when I'm around (picture being hyped up on something) his sweetness and spontaneity make it all worthwhile!  (Unless I'm dog-tired.)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Blues

I love the weather here in Northern Virginia.  I love having four seasons.  But... last winter was really long and cold and mostly dry.  Over the summer, I told Ching that this winter would be a wet one.  I was hoping it wouldn't be quite so cold though.  So far, really cold and wet. 

This is not good for an outdoors boy.  Or his Mom.  Noah doesn't like to sit and color, or play with a train set, or sit and do much of anything - other than watch Curious George or Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and play semi-educational apps on the kindle.  (They at least go over the alphabet and shapes and colors.) 

We did get to go to the park one day last week.  I realized how much I miss sitting outside in the sunshine and looking at all the trees. 

We would bundle up and try going to the park more often, but it's up on a hill so the winds are unbearable.  In the summer it makes for a nice breeze, in the winter it goes through your bones.  And also, there's that wet snow and ice we've had lately. 

There is one decent indoor place to go play and we go sometimes.  Almost all of the rec center stuff is for four year olds.  School was supposed to be a good place to go, but man, they've been out of school more than in it since the first of November.  And the two week Christmas break is coming.  The other moms are looking forward to some play dates, too!

Anyway.  Just gotta keep at it and find things to do until Spring.