Saturday, December 14, 2013

My boss away from work

Since I'm pretty much a pushover when it comes to just about everyone, I knew that once Noah had popped out I'd get a new boss.

It started with the normal everyday affairs of bringing up baby, the feedings, washings and keeping him healthy.  Then as he grew older, gotten more active and now more verbal, he now makes sure that he doesn't make me feel left out when I am not at work.

He wants me to do everything for and with him, gets me to drive him to Starbucks for fruit and cheese (not a everyday occurrence), marches me around like a little drill sergeant, makes me click countless times to get to the Youtube videos that he wants to watch, and just in general, finding and pushing my buttons.

What can I do?  Because of my crazy work commute, I might get to spend maybe 3 hours with him after work before his bedtime (Probably typical with parents who work in this area.)  So that is kind of like an effort to make the time spent with him mostly quality time, even if it means being bossed around.  Even though he can get a bit crazy when I'm around (picture being hyped up on something) his sweetness and spontaneity make it all worthwhile!  (Unless I'm dog-tired.)

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