Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Blues

I love the weather here in Northern Virginia.  I love having four seasons.  But... last winter was really long and cold and mostly dry.  Over the summer, I told Ching that this winter would be a wet one.  I was hoping it wouldn't be quite so cold though.  So far, really cold and wet. 

This is not good for an outdoors boy.  Or his Mom.  Noah doesn't like to sit and color, or play with a train set, or sit and do much of anything - other than watch Curious George or Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and play semi-educational apps on the kindle.  (They at least go over the alphabet and shapes and colors.) 

We did get to go to the park one day last week.  I realized how much I miss sitting outside in the sunshine and looking at all the trees. 

We would bundle up and try going to the park more often, but it's up on a hill so the winds are unbearable.  In the summer it makes for a nice breeze, in the winter it goes through your bones.  And also, there's that wet snow and ice we've had lately. 

There is one decent indoor place to go play and we go sometimes.  Almost all of the rec center stuff is for four year olds.  School was supposed to be a good place to go, but man, they've been out of school more than in it since the first of November.  And the two week Christmas break is coming.  The other moms are looking forward to some play dates, too!

Anyway.  Just gotta keep at it and find things to do until Spring. 

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