Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Little Things

Noah has never been to Chuck E Cheese. As far as we know, he's never even seen a commercial. But when we pulled up today, he saw Mr Chuck and said "cheese!!" Huh?  We went yesterday to play with one of his classmates, but he spent over half the time in a play car that had a big Chuck E Cheese in the passenger seat.  When he hugs us he says "sweet" because that's what we say to him.  So he hugged on Mr. Chuck and said "sweet".  It was cute and weird at the same time.

Then last night we had one of those drink trays from McDs and a plastic cup in it.  He also had a little cleaning cloth.  He was going around the kitchen saying "cooking" and then would bring us the tray and have us "drink it, try it" and then would clean up!  We've got a little chef/waiter on our hands! 

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