Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter of Winters

Winter of our discontent just seemed too cliche and not all that accurate.

It definitely has been a long, cold, snow-filled winter.  The crazy thing is, back in the summer, I would tell Ching I was pretty sure it was going to be a long, cold, snow-filled winter.  And yet, that knowledge in no way, shape or form prepared me for it being just that.  Crazy.  Back before this winter, we talked about how Texas summers would be a big factor in deciding to move back there if the chance ever presented itself.  After this winter, maybe not so much.  Being stuck indoors and missing all these school days, well, hot summers don't sound as bad.

I find as time goes by it gets a little harder to write updates about Noah.  There aren't big milestones being passed.  There aren't growth spurts.  There's just every day life and little changes over time.  Let's see if I can maybe sum him up a little.

Typical Noah days...

He generally wakes up about 7:30 in the morning.  The days he sleeps a little later, maybe until 8, aren't the weekends, oh no, they're school days.  He wakes up happy and pretty ready to go.  He still calls out "HI" until one of us goes up there to get him.  When I get up there, he'll hand me the car or two he had in bed with him and then say "up, please" so I'll get him out of the crib.

He's still sleeping in his crib partly because he likes it, and partly because it's just easier.  We don't think he's quite mature enough for a big boy bed.  He wouldn't be able to get out of his room if he didn't want to be in bed, but he might get up and play all night if he could.

He still really enjoys going to school and seeing his friends there.  His special ed lady is working with him on being able to say his class mates names.  He still doesn't like to color or do crafts and that's ok with us.  At school when they get to play he spends a lot of time in the kitchen talking about food, and a lot of time with the cars.  We're sort of trying to involve him a little more in the kitchen at home, but it's slow going.  I have a feeling in a year he'll be a pro in the kitchen!

Because we've been indoors a lot this winter, he's still got his favorite shows and cartoons.  He still loves Curious George and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  He'll watch a ton of old Chip n Dale/Daffy Duck cartoons on  He'll watch really old Mickey Mouse cartoons and a little but of Dumbo on Netflix.

He's learned a little bit of bargaining.  I'd tell him, "okay, one more George and then nap time." and he's starting saying "one more George" or "one more Jake" before doing something.  What's cool is he's content with really just watching one more and doesn't try to bargain for more.  We're sure he will try for more one day!

He's still just a really cute boy who is very sweet and mostly good.  When he's not good asking him if he wants to go to his room generally gets him to be better.  Every once in a while we actually have to put him in his room for a few minutes.  Also, threatening and actually tickling him works as a good motivator when it comes to getting him to get into his room and get ready for his nap or bath time.  That's pretty funny.

There's a lot I could write about how he loves to boss Ching around, but I'll save that for another time.

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