Tuesday, March 4, 2014


There have been a dozen or more times in Noah's life when we knew he was looking at/talking to someone we couldn't see.  Ching thinks of ghosts.  I think of guardian angels. 

About a week ago he started something new.  Noah and Ching were in the kitchen doing his pre-bed cereal snack.  He looked over toward the wall and said, "the baby is sad, the baby is crying, I see it."  Um what??  Then he went on and finished his cereal and went to bed. 

A couple of days later, he and I were in his room playing with his toys and he looked over towards a wall and his changing table and said, "the baby is taking a bath."  Huh?  At least it wasn't crying.

Then last night, again at pre-bed cereal time,  he once again said "the baby is sad, the baby is crying, I see it."  So, Ching asked if he could tell the baby it's ok - because anytime he sees a kid crying he'll go and pat them on the arm and so "ok, ok".  But he said, "no."  I told Ching I wasn't sure it wouldn't have been more creepy if he'd actually told the baby it was ok. 

Our least creepy guess is that there's some baby in one of the cartoons he's seen.  But we can't think of one. 

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