Saturday, September 27, 2014

Big Changes Update

We're a few weeks into school and so far he still really loves it.  He's learning his friends names this year.  From what we know he's following directions well and having fun.  Two cool things that have happened since school started.  He will let us read books to him now.  He would usually just flip through the pages really fast and either name the things on the page or just ignore it all.  Now, on Wednesdays they check out books from the little school library and he will let us read it to him along with some books we already had.  He also busted out the Pledge of Allegiance the other day.  He couldn't say the whole thing, so he made us take turns saying it - and then he'd tell us "good job".

Another new thing is he's starting to sing along with songs in the car.  He's always loved music, but hasn't generally been a singer.  The past couple of weeks, his favorite songs are "Ain't It Fun" by Paramore - about being all grown up and out on your own, which is pretty funny for a four year old, and "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift.  Could be worse.  He's also likes No Doubt's "Hella Good".  He's down with the chick singers.

In the mornings, he's also doing some music time when getting out of bed.  He'll turn on his little Casio keyboard, hand me the bongos, get his little guitar and play along to the pre-set tunes on the keyboard.  I think it's pretty cool!  He's always been able to keep a beat, and now he strums along to the rhythm.

The downside of everything is this whole no naps change.  Ugh.  It's horrible.   And it's taking longer to adjust than I would have thought. 

The first hard part of this school year is that he doesn't go to school until noon.  So when he wakes up at 7:30 I've got a good four hours to fill.  I'm not good at that.  Especially now that he's not so into going to the park in the morning.  (Extra special fun - our favorite park has been removed, we can only assume they're going to replace all the equipment.)  We play in his room a little while.  He finally decided to play with the little train and track we got from Ikea two years ago.  Then we watch his cartoons on the computer while I make the coffee and his juice and snacks.  We head downstairs for Disney Jr and my shower time.  By now it's 9:30 or 10 if I'm lucky.  He and I just aren't good at indoor activities.  But, I'm working on it.  Gonna try a few little games and stuff.  Pretty soon it'll be too cold to go outside anyway. 

I'm so happy when he goes to school.  You know, until an hour in and I actually miss him a little. I'm also very aware that this is my last year to have this much time with him.  It's hard, but I really am trying to enjoy it as much as possible. 

This year when he comes home from school he's really trying to tell me more about it, and then tell Ching when she gets home.  That's cool! 

He and I have about another hour and a half to fill before Ching comes home.  Mostly he wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Then more snacks.  I try to get him to at least play in the front yard a little.  In spite of cooler temps, the mosquitoes have been horrible.

We know we need to get him to start eating dinner with us and trying new foods, but he's so hungry after school, in spite of eating snacks there, it's hard to make him wait until our dinner is ready.

By this time of day, he has gotten so very tired, and then so very excited that Ma is finally home, that he's terrible.  A little hyper, a little emotional.  Sigh.  He's still learning how to function while tired.  It's not pretty. While we're aware he's still better behaved than a lot of kids, it doesn't make it easier.

The big upside to no naps is he's finally getting to bed earlier.  7:30 bath times, asleep by 9. 

Growing up is hard work. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Long Week

This week was so long, I don't even remember last Sunday.  Ugh. 

School started this week.  Noah goes M-F from 12 to 3:10.  His school day would end at 3:25 if he rode the bus.  They like us Moms who drive our kids ourselves to come get them out of the way of the end of day processes and to help with loading all the kids on the bus.  Nope, I'm not missing those 15 minutes at all. That said.  It is nice having one more year that Noah and I don't have to be morning people! 

As I've mentioned, this schedule means that Noah no longer takes naps.  Technically, he could nap when he got home from school for an hour or so.  But, his bedtime has been about 10 pm forever.  We'd like to move that up an hour or so!  This week, that has meant that we're all tired and cranky and kinda tired of each other in the evenings!  We're hoping he learns a little bit of self-control even though he's so tired it hurts. 

School.  He's still so very happy to go to school.  He loves his backpack and putting in on and going into the school.  He loves playing in the fake kitchen again this year.  He loves playing in the big sand box on the playground.  He might even like other parts of the school day.  He's always happy going to and coming home from school.  There are ten kids in his class, and three teachers.  We're hoping this year he learns their names.  We have a picture of all of them to help with that. 

Just to add in a little craziness, yesterday we changed out Noah's crib for a twin bed.  We had decided to wait until this weekend when he wasn't napping anymore so he'd only have to adjust to one bedtime in the new bed and not two.  So, off we went to Ikea yesterday morning, after donuts of course.  We had looked online and decided theirs was nice and simple enough.  Then we ended up getting a different one anyway.  As if the chore of simply going to Ikea wasn't fun enough for one day.  We then had to come home and put the bed together.  While Noah didn't nap.  Yeah.  Fun. 

He seems to be happy with the new bed.  Even better, he wasn't sad when we took his old crib apart and moved it out of his room. 

We also finally got him one of those Ikea rugs with the roads on them.  We'd often thought he would like one, but he never showed any interested.  Yesterday he finally did, and it's his favorite new thing!  It goes well with all the cars Ching buys him when the two of them go shopping.

It took him a few extra visits from us to go to sleep last night.  Part of that was being overly tired and overly stimulated - and the big new bed.  He woke up once in the night. 

He's been waking up at 8:15 or 8:30.  Or maybe sometimes he woke up earlier, but played with his collection of cars that he sleeps with for a while before yelling for us.  Today was 7.  Ugh.  The funny part was he didn't even get out of bed until I came up to get him!  We know that won't last forever, but it's cute in the meantime.

Today was also the day Ching's company rented out King's Dominion amusement park.  So at least getting up early got us on the road and to the park while it was still cool outside. 

Unfortunately, our dear boy is not a rider of rides.  Any rides.  Part of that may be his aversion to standing still, even in lines for rides. 

I, on the other hand, got to ride the big roller coaster.  I'm pretty sure I was the oldest one in that line.  I had a blast.  It was a lovely day to be walking around outdoors and people watching.

Because all of that wasn't enough fun.  Tuesday morning we have painters coming to paint our upstairs living area and the stairwell.  That means moving all the books on the built in and not built in bookshelves.  (Having the built ins painted, the other just has to be moved out from the wall.) 

Sigh.  This week didn't have enough chocolate or alcohol, even though it had some of both.