Thursday, January 22, 2015

Future Vacations

Last weekend, we took Noah to an RV show.  He loved it.  He checked out almost every single one, trying all the beds, pretending to cook when there were dishes visible, and pretending to drive all the ones he could! 

I've often wanted an RV.  But the reality is they're expensive and if you're not using it all the time, you have to put it somewhere.  And really, we're kind of hotel people! 

One trip we plan on doing eventually is to rent an RV and go through all the parks in Utah, then Yellowstone and Yosemite, see the huge redwoods.  All that.  Probably a month long trip.  An RV is just much easier in all of those places.

The second trip... I realized my parents' 50th wedding anniversary is in a couple of years.  None of us has ever been on a cruise.  Hmmm.  What started this line of thought was realizing that Disney World is just too big and too expensive and too crowded for our taste.  But, a Disney cruise might not be terrible.  So, I asked my folks about maybe doing a cruise for their anniversary.  That gives us all time to save up and find a good one - maybe Disney, maybe not.

The third trip...  Any time we've watched the Tour D' France, I've always thought that a fantastic vacation would be to rent a car over there and pick any of the Tour's routes and follow it.  Again, probably a three or so week trip.

But lately, with the help of HD tv, I've really started wanting to go to Switzerland and see the Alps and all the little Alpine villages and such. 

So yeah, a month over in Europe.

The fourth trip...  Of course, at some point we have to take Noah to Taiwan.  Ching's mother still lives over there.  She would love to go eat all of her favorite foods.  We have no idea what Noah would eat over there!  What's funny is that my 13 year old nephew is still into Japan.  We've toyed with the idea of taking him to Taiwan for his high school graduation.  Noah will be old enough for such longs flights by then!

It's a good thing Noah seems to love to travel as much as we do! 

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Unknown said...

Dean and Jolena go on cruises regularly. I bet they could offer suggestions as to which one.
Your mom and dad must have gotten married when I was about 5. My sister-in-laws have been in the family almost as long as me, lol.