Sunday, January 25, 2015

Getting To Know Noah

Friday. Noah and I returned a book to the library and got a new one (for me - he gets library books at school), then we went to Chick Fil A and he got his favorite, a strawberry shake and fries, and then we did some shopping at Wally World.  Later that evening, I realized I had understood everything he had said to me that day. 

That is a big deal. 

I'm not sure we've ever really been able to describe Noah's lack of speech.  The problem seems to be that he gets in a really big hurry to get his words out - and runs it all together and it sounds like gibberish.  His teachers and speech therapist have worked really hard to get him to slow down so we can understand him.  He's made so much progress just since October, when he really got into the swing of the school year.

One result of his inability to really communicate with us was that we (I) often felt like we didn't really know him all that well.  With his new ability to communicate so much better, his personality and such is really starting to come through. 

He's kinda bossy.  More so with Ching than with anyone - she calls him her Tyrant!  His teacher told us, in addition to his ultra smart schemes (which are brilliant in avoiding confrontation) he tends to boss his classmates sometimes.  He likes to boss us, too.  Lately, when Ching gets home from work, he's even told her to go change clothes because he wanted her to wear a different shirt. 

He's a little bit ocd and a stickler for the way things are done and does not like change.  One of the worst parts of this is he just won't try new foods.  Again, his teachers are really trying to help us with this.  He's not as likely to tell them straight up NO, so we send a little bit of something in his lunch for school and they get him to at least take a bite.  Not being able to get up from the table and go play when the other kids do is a great motivation! 

Our favorite phrase of his comes from food - "I can't want it."  

He's incredibly stubborn.  On fb the other day I said it was like arguing with a jack hammer.  You're just not going to win.  He will repeat what he wants until he gets it.  Sometimes we can get him to do X instead of Y, but not always.

Speaking of stubborn, wow with the whole issue of pooping.  That's a whole post within itself.  Once again, at school the other day they noticed his need to poop dance and actually got him to go sit on the potty and poop.  We can't get him to do that.  He's still in diapers over night - so he's learned he can just hold it until sometime over night and just poop in his diaper and not the potty.  Sigh.  Soon we'll stop doing the over night diapers.  But he sleeps 10 to 11 hours and we know that's a long time to hold it.  We don't think he'd get up and go pee.  He still doesn't get out of bed until we come upstairs and open his curtains and turn on the light.  

He's also learned to use "tomorrow" - as in, "Noah it's time to take a bath," "no, tomorrow."  "Noah, we need to cut your fingernails," "no, tomorrow."

He's a smart kid.  I'm not sure we know how smart yet. 

He still loves to watch cartoons, these days it's Fireman Sam, Sheriff Callie, still some Curious George.   He has so many of them memorized.  And he still loves music.  He loves playing with his firetrucks and cars.  He has a very set in stone arrangement of these things in his bed when he sleeps. 

We hope to help him use these strong traits for good and not for evil!  Smart, stubborn, scheming, and handsome could lead to real trouble. 

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